Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NYX lipstick review && new coach sneekers! :]

Hey everyone! Well today is my B I R T H D A Y. Happy birthday to me! :] yaya! Before I get into the review I will tell everyone what I did today. Well I woke up. My mom made me pancakes. <3  yummy. Then I had to work today so I had to get ready for work I worked from 11 to 7. I came home at 7 and my family had grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. I had a hot dog with chilli and onions. Yumm. && then I ate butter finger cake. More yumm! I also got to get money and stuff for my birthday. I didn't do much today because I had to work but I am actually really celebrating my birthday this weekend. So I will def. be going shopping and out to eat and all that good stuff. :]

Anywhooo on to the review.

I bought 6 NYX lipsticks off of ebay from a cosmetics seller. Here is the link where I bought them. Her name is Joy017 and she runs an ebay store called Joy Cosmetics. You can also buy other NYX products from her. Next on my list is the Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils. The lipsticks were only about $12.00 counting shipping which is an awesome deal for 6 lipsticks!

I ordered the colors Strawberry milk, Sky pink, Summer love, Honey, Thalia, and Tea rose. All of the colors are amazing on me except for Honey. Honey I think is ment for people with more of a darker skintone with yellow undertones. It doesn't look very good on me. It just makes me look like I have muddy lips which is grosss. I'm going to try to find a very nude lipgloss to maybe tone it down some. We will see how that turns out. All of the other colors are amazingggg! My favorite has to be summer love of course. Its like a really pinky mauve nude color. Perfect for fall! Thalia would have to be my second favorite. It is a berry tone which is also perfect for a darker lip for fall, and strawberry milk is my third! sky pink and tea rose are very pretty colors also. I love them as well.
These lipsticks are VERY creamy and are not drying at all. You don't HAVE to pair them with a gloss for them to look good but if you want to you can! You would have to keep them from high heat areas because they will melt if heated enough; thats how creamy they are. The only downfall to these is they wear off within about an hour. So you have to keep re applying them but it is so worth the $2.00 you pay for them! they are really great lipsticks & I would buy alll of the colors. lol oh and another good thing is that when you think you are out of the stick of lipstick you can open the little colored cap at the bottom and there is more lipstick in there. :] So you actually are getting more than you think. Another great thing about that is you can see the actual lipstick color instead of having to go by a plastic swatch or a sticker on the top or bottom of the tube which can sometimes be misleading.

All in all I'd say if you were thinking about buying some. GO FOR IT. They are definitly worth the money and I love them. I plan on buying more for sure! Be sure and check out Joy Cosmetics on ebay. Her stuff is cheaper than on the NYX website or even some of the stuff on the Cherry Culture website.

Ohh and another thing before I go. I bought myself a pair of Coach sneekers! They are the Barrett sneekers. This is what they look like.
What do ya think? I think they are VERY cute. They are great for casual wear. They would look cute with jeans or shorts! I haven't worn them yet but I can't WAIT to wear them. They were $94 and some change counting tax. :]

xoxo -- niki

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall & Winter scents!

Ahhh fall is in the air! Even though it has yet to get really cold. It has been around 75 everyday where I live and around 50 at night. I'm ready for it to get super cold so I can bundle up in my jacket & wear my boots! :]] which I need to go get some new ones, but anwayss. On to the fall scents.

I went into my collection of goodies and snapped a few shots of the ones I will be wearing the most this fall/winter. Now I'm going to try to use all or most of these up this fall/winter which is going to be a challenge. I'm not going to buy anymore until I use most of what I have up because what is pictured now I have like more than double of in my collection. haha.

My scents of choice are:
Bath & bodyworks:
Midnight pomigranate body splash
Warm Vanilla Sugar body splash
Japanese cherry blossom lotion
PS I love you lotion
Twilight woods lotion

Victoria secret Pure Seduction lotion & perfume
I feel like you need one fruity scent to balance out all of those strong musky scents. :]]

Hillary duff with love perfume. I also have the lotion. I got it as a gift set for Christmas one year.

Be Kissable perfume. I ordered this from Avon. I got it as a set with the body butter and the body wash.

Last but not least Versace perfume. I LOVE this scent. I got it as a mini giftset from Sephora and I love it! I haven't even used all of the mini one up yet so I'm not going to buy the full size until it is gone. :]]

I want to get the new Coach poppy perfume so you might see that in an upcoming post. :]

enjoy your day! :] xoxox -- niki

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keep yourself organized!

One of the most important things to remember is to ALWAYS keep yourself organized as much as possible. Many of us or almost all of us beauty people invest in our collection of products and we want to keep them looking nice and clean, not all jumbled up in a bag or in a box! This post is going to be mostly showing and explaining ways that I organize all of my goodies in my room! Most are beauty. Some are just organization tips in general. :]

This is the first thing I use to organize with. I keep all of my "personals" in the top drawer because I keep my makeup in the first two drawers of my dresser/vanity. The second drawer is filled with my extra hot hair tools. The 3rd is filled to the BRIMM with magazines. These are also very sleek and modern looking.

This one is for your closet. These hanging shelves are very useful for closet space. You have more shelves to put things on! I stack all of my jeans in here. I'm thinking about moving  these and putting something else here though. We will see!

These are just a few of the things I use to organize my jewlery. The pink thing hanging on the wall is actually a place mat. They came in packs of 2 for a dollar at the dollar tree. I just use them to hang all of my hook ear rings on. The second piece is one from Claires. It cost like 12.50. I use it to store all of my  stud earrings and earrings that arent hook. I also keep my necklaces hanging here so they won't get tangled. The 3rd piece is used for my bracelets. I found this at goodwill for like 2 bucks.

Gift set boxes are good to keep for storage! I use this gift box top to store all of my nail polishes. Works great for me!

Baskets are also a great storage tool! They can hold makeup or anything really depending on the side. Here I just use this little golden basket to hold most of my everyday makeup! I like to keep it out where I can just grab it!

File holders are ALWAYS great for holding makeup palettes. I use this to hold my coastal scents palettes. I got it from walmart for like 3 bucks.

Glass is also good for storage! You can keep little things in glass bowls, stand things up in class cups, or use them to store your makeup brushes. I don't use them to store my brushes however I do use them for the other things. Anything in a tube I just stand up in a class cup and I can reach it easier then rummaging through a drawer to find it. I use glass dishes for little things like cotton balls, sponges, hair ties, clips,bobbi pins, etc.. The thing I use to put my cotton swabs in is actually a reed defuser. After I finished it up I just used it to put my cotton swabs in! :]

I keep some potted things and kabukis on this little platform thing. A candle actually came on this but I took the candle off and display that sepratly and use this for some potted things I tend to reach for.

I use this little spinning organizer for my brushes. It is PERFECT. It was like 12 dollars at TJ Maxx. It spins so I can just spin it around and access my brushes easily. Another great thing for storing brushes are these little pencil holders. Their like 3 dollars at walmart and are sectioned off. I used to use them until I found my spinning holder. Of course the all famous glass sephora inspired holder is great also. I use rice instead of the beads.

Over the door shoe racks are a great closet space saver! I use it to display my shoes that I tend to reach for the most. It also keeps them easily accessable! Another great shoe storage is the shoe under. The little compartment shoe holders that slise under your bed. I have two of those full of shoes. They keep my boots looking nice and neat for winter since they won't fit on my shoe rack!

& last but not least is plastic containers! The rubber maid tubs are good for keeping clothes in and changing them out according to the season. Sterelite containters are good for storing about anything. I use mine to store my nail tools, beauty tools, hair bows, curlers, head bands, makeup bags, cotton balls, makeup wipes, & extra products. But you can use them for anything you want. I use the little plastic trays that you can get in packs of 3 for a dollar to store my makeup with in my vanity/desser drawers. Cutlary trays are also nice for storing potted things like eyeshadows and bases. I also store some of my mini palettes in here. Plasic shoe containers are good for storing anything as well. I store my important papers, school supplies, usb cords, and things like blank cds & photo paper.

Another little storage tip is that if you have any big candles in jars that you have used up. Clean it out and use the jar for keeping things in. If you get the candles with big round openings you can use them to store your makeup brushes. You can also decorate your storage to make it look cute in your own way!

Storage is key to keeping yourself organized & keeping your stuff looking nice. I just wanted to show you guys how I keep myself organized. I hope everyone finds this helpful!

xoxo -- Niki

Beauty Bloggin'

Hey! welcome to my beauty, fashion, random, etc .. blog! :] This blog is mainly going to be everything about fashion and beauty but there will be an occasional random blog thrown in the mix! I have already got my first post planned out. I'm coming home from work tonight to get to work on it right away. It is going to be a long post, but I think everyone will enjoy it! Here is a little sneek peek:
It is going to be a very useful post to you guys! :] Try and guess what it is. anyways I have to go get ready for work. Be looking out for the post later on tonight!

xoxo - Niki