Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NYX lipstick review && new coach sneekers! :]

Hey everyone! Well today is my B I R T H D A Y. Happy birthday to me! :] yaya! Before I get into the review I will tell everyone what I did today. Well I woke up. My mom made me pancakes. <3  yummy. Then I had to work today so I had to get ready for work I worked from 11 to 7. I came home at 7 and my family had grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. I had a hot dog with chilli and onions. Yumm. && then I ate butter finger cake. More yumm! I also got to get money and stuff for my birthday. I didn't do much today because I had to work but I am actually really celebrating my birthday this weekend. So I will def. be going shopping and out to eat and all that good stuff. :]

Anywhooo on to the review.

I bought 6 NYX lipsticks off of ebay from a cosmetics seller. Here is the link where I bought them. Her name is Joy017 and she runs an ebay store called Joy Cosmetics. You can also buy other NYX products from her. Next on my list is the Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils. The lipsticks were only about $12.00 counting shipping which is an awesome deal for 6 lipsticks!

I ordered the colors Strawberry milk, Sky pink, Summer love, Honey, Thalia, and Tea rose. All of the colors are amazing on me except for Honey. Honey I think is ment for people with more of a darker skintone with yellow undertones. It doesn't look very good on me. It just makes me look like I have muddy lips which is grosss. I'm going to try to find a very nude lipgloss to maybe tone it down some. We will see how that turns out. All of the other colors are amazingggg! My favorite has to be summer love of course. Its like a really pinky mauve nude color. Perfect for fall! Thalia would have to be my second favorite. It is a berry tone which is also perfect for a darker lip for fall, and strawberry milk is my third! sky pink and tea rose are very pretty colors also. I love them as well.
These lipsticks are VERY creamy and are not drying at all. You don't HAVE to pair them with a gloss for them to look good but if you want to you can! You would have to keep them from high heat areas because they will melt if heated enough; thats how creamy they are. The only downfall to these is they wear off within about an hour. So you have to keep re applying them but it is so worth the $2.00 you pay for them! they are really great lipsticks & I would buy alll of the colors. lol oh and another good thing is that when you think you are out of the stick of lipstick you can open the little colored cap at the bottom and there is more lipstick in there. :] So you actually are getting more than you think. Another great thing about that is you can see the actual lipstick color instead of having to go by a plastic swatch or a sticker on the top or bottom of the tube which can sometimes be misleading.

All in all I'd say if you were thinking about buying some. GO FOR IT. They are definitly worth the money and I love them. I plan on buying more for sure! Be sure and check out Joy Cosmetics on ebay. Her stuff is cheaper than on the NYX website or even some of the stuff on the Cherry Culture website.

Ohh and another thing before I go. I bought myself a pair of Coach sneekers! They are the Barrett sneekers. This is what they look like.
What do ya think? I think they are VERY cute. They are great for casual wear. They would look cute with jeans or shorts! I haven't worn them yet but I can't WAIT to wear them. They were $94 and some change counting tax. :]

xoxo -- niki

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! Happy Belated Birthday! Great swatches - I like Thalia and Tea Rose.