Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spruce up your brush holder. :]

This is going to be a post about sprucing up your brush holders ladies! Now I know most of everyone uses the sephora inspired brush holders with the beads and the containers. I sort of use the same thing but mine is a little different. I have a spinning holder that I got from TJ Maxx for $12. It was just plain and all black when I got it.

at first I just stuck a little rice in the holder areas to use as my beads instead of spending like $5 on some little beads in a small bag go spend a dollar on a wholeeeeeee bag of rice. It will last you longer and go a longgggg way. <3 I still have the rice in there. I noticed my brushes kept falling over and wouldn't stand up. So I got some more rice and filled it up more. It now works perfectly.

I went and bought some ribbon from walmart with the demask sort of pattern on it in black and it just looks like 100 times cuter. :]] I love it now. && it spins so it is easier to get to your brushes. Here are some pics:

Sorry for the dirty brushes. They have been used. :] But it looks SOOO much cuter. To me it looks like a new brush holder. :] I used tape to tape the ribbon on instead of gluing it on so I could change up the pattern or color of the ribbon according to holdays, moods, etc .. It is really a great way to decorate your brush holders inexpensivly and make them look elegant! :]

Now to the brush holders that most of you have. Just the glass jars or acrylic containers with the beads. The same idea can still work with the ribbon and the tape. Here is an example:

These are all sooo CUTE! :] I tried to find different ones with different ribon designs and also using different things for the beads to give some ideas. You can use tape to hold it in place for more security or you can just tie the ribbon around the container. It is totally up to you. I love the first one with the big bow on the front. I started to do a bow but it would have been too hard to have room to spin it around to get to the brushes. :/

You can also do permanent things like gluing jewls or rhinestones onto your holder or even onto the ribbon. :] Just do it how you want and make it your own since everyone in the beauty world pretty much has the same brush holder. lol. :] I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope that it was helpful!

xoxo -- niki


  1. THANK YOU! These are so damn CUTE! Amazing ideas Honey :) <3 xxx

  2. Amazing ideas :)
    I see you have some E.L.F. brushes, could you do a review of those? I can't make up my mind on weather or not to order them.

  3. I will definitly do a review on my elf brushes! :]