Sunday, November 28, 2010

elf brush review.

Hello beautiess! :]] First off I wanna say hello to all of my new followers and all of the sweet comments you guys have left me. :] When I first made this blog I figured no one would probably see it. I'm glad that I'm helping someone and that I am being helpful to everyone who reads this blog! :]

This review was actually requested by one of my followers and I thought it would be an awesome review to do sense so many people love and purchase makeup from this brand! Elf brushes are a good cheap alternative to any other more expensive brush companies. Granted I do not own any MAC or any other designer brand brushes, but I do know that these are awesome quality brushes.

These are the three brushes that I own. There are three different lines of brushes from Elf. There is the essential line, studio line, and the mineral line. I own the studio powder brush, and the essential blending brush and lip brush. These brushes have never shed, even when I washed them. The powder brush is really good for applying the powder deep into your skin so that it doesn't just slide off of your face at the end of the day. I also tried using this to buff in my foundation at one point. It worked okay, but it doesn't work as good as a synthetic brush would. The eye blending brush is a very good crease brush if your looking for an everyday crease brush. This would not be ideal for cutting your crease or if you are wanting a more defined crease. It does define your crease, but to get a more cut crease you would need a smaller crease brush. Wow I think that I used the word [crease] in that paragraph wayyyy to many times! lol! The lip brush, I don't use very much. It seems to be a good lip brush from what I can tell and from how many times I have used it. These brushes really are soft and are not harsh on your skin. They did not irritate my skin when I pressed them against it.

I forgot a brush! I also own the bronzing brush by the essentials line.
Sorry for the orange picture. I took this one in a hurry. This one is not ideal for bronzing to me. This would be a better highlighting brush for me. This is really good for highlighting my cheek bones. The bristles look a little sparse and to be honest it looks very peuny compared to most angled brushes, but like I said it is small enough to be a good cheek highlighting brush. The bristles are not scratchy at all, they are nice and soft. This could also pass for maybe a very small blush brush.

The elf brushes that have the white handle are all $1 which is amazing for the quality of these brushes. I think some of the names can be deceiving, like the bronzing brush for example. I know the eye brushes are of very good quality for the $1 line, but if I was going to buy face brushes from elf I would spend two extra dollars and go for the studio line brushes which are the $3 brushes with the black handles. I know the studio brushes are great. I have yet to try the mineral  brushes which are the ones with the wooden look to them and they cost $5. I plan on trying some soon! 

xoxo -- niki