Sunday, November 14, 2010

Everyday Hair Routine.

This is going to be a small blog post on my everyday hair routine. So I do have color treated hair. I used to have highlights but I recently just died my hair a chesnut brown/redish color. My highlights still show through some which gives it a cool effect that I like. :] For shampoo I use the Garnier Fructis color shield shampoo and finish off with the sleek and shine conditioner also made by Garnier Fructis to give my hair some shine and body. Once a week I will use the Clay Pac by Alto Bella violet moisturizer with haircolor enhancers to give moisture to my hair and enhance my color some. :]

This is all the products I use. Now I don't put all of these products in my hair every single day. I do use some of them some of the time for an extra boost. First what I do is I will take my wet hair and run the wide toothed comb pictured above through it to get all of the tangles out. If you use a brush it can pull your hair out and cause it to break off more. After I do that I take a small dime size amount of my Paul Mitchell super skinny shine serum [$16-$20 at select salons] and run it through my hair evenly. After I do that, I take my Beyond the zone kill the kink straightening balm [$4-$6 at Sally's Beauty Supply stores] and run a nickle size amount through my hair evenly working from tip to root. The last step I do every single day no matter what is spray my tresseme heat protectant[$3-$5 at drugstores] all throughout my hair before I blow dry. If I need a little extra volume that day I will add my Advance Techniques volumizing mousse [$4-$6 from an Avon rep.] just at my roots. The mousse lifts up the root which adds volume to the hair. If I am having a frizzy day I will spray my John Frieda frizz ease in my hair to calm the frizz. If I am having some tangles or my hair feels very dry or brittle that day I will spray my aussie leave in conditioner [about $4 at drugstores] to soften it up.

After I do all of that I will blowdry my hair using my round brush pulling the hair gently from root to tip. After the hair is all dry I will spray another coat of heat protectant in it and straighten my hair using my Remmington flat iron. This flat iron is like my baby. It is better than the babyliss flat iron I bought which is sitting in my drawer and retails for almost $100. This only cost me $40 at walmart or target. It's great. :] The best part about it is that I have had this one for about 2 and a half years now and it has not lost any heat or broken on me.  After I straighten my hair I will spray a little tressme tres two hairspray [$4-$6 at drugstores] and style it how I want it using clips, bobby pins, etc .. and Vola! My hair is done. :]

Hope this was helpful to you in getting a hair routine going for you if your looking for one or if your just looking for some new products to try. All of the products mentioned are great and are fairly inexpensive.

Hope you enjoyed! :]
-- Niki

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